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About MudKit

My name is James Grimes.  I am a 3D art and animation enthusiast who is interested in 3d animated short films.  I am also an experienced programmer.  I operate under my limited liability company: Iconic Motion Studios, LLC.  In the 3D forums I frequent, I am known as JabbaTheNut.

Among the 3D sculpting software on the market, I have always been partial to Autodesk Mudbox.  I like the simplicity of its user interface, its comfortable workflow and its integration with Maya and 3ds Max.  Mudbox, however, is missing some meaningful tools that many artists desire.

I developed MudKit to fill in some of the gaps that exist in Mudbox's current set of tools.  As Autodesk incorporates some of the tools MudKit offers, I will adjust the toolkit accordingly.  It is my sincere hope that Autodesk will do so.  Until that happens...

Please Enjoy MudKit!
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